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Back to School: The Rising Cost

With children going back to school in the coming days, it is estimated that parents are set to shell out €1,048 over the course of this year, this is up €80 on last year’s average spend. The biggest expenditure tends to be extracurricular activities, followed by school lunches, books and then uniforms. Research shows parents […]

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The Black Market

The term black market refers to any situation where goods or services are exchanged illegally, due either to the goods or services being illegal in themselves or the transaction itself being illegal, or both. It covers a multitude, from the seemingly innocuous buying of knock offs at a market stall to international crime gang activity. […]

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‘Quiet Hour’ in Supermarkets

Why? Supermarkets are normally noisy, busy places with bright lights, computers, in-store music and escalators. They can be full of customers rushing around with trolleys and staff bringing stock around on big pallets. Shopping can be stressful and tiring for most of us but for some it can be almost unbearable. Many people suffer from […]

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Should Businesses Contribute to 3rd Level Education Funding?

Irish higher education is becoming increasingly underfunded and understaffed and unless something is done a crisis is looming.  Funding has been falling while student numbers have been rising. Between 2008 and 2014 the staff-student ratio rose by a quarter from 1:16 to 1:20, while funding was reduced by a quarter. Lecturer workload is rising and […]

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The Trump effect on Ireland

Research by The Economist suggests that Donald Trump as president would be an economic threat to the entire world given that he is so hostile to free trade and has already alienated China and Mexico, while his extreme views on Muslims and terrorism will not endear him to the Middle East. In fact one senior […]

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